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US $ 364,634
For Sale

West Bay, Grand Cayman

Condominium 1,615 sqft
3 Bedrooms 3.5 Bathrooms 11 months on easyCayman


Very attractive small complex with Spanish tiled roofs, 9ft ceiling, balconies with ocean views. Approx 16 foot above sea level. Great investment. It rents for C.I$ 2500 but it could probably rent for C.I$ 2800 with today's market. Call now!

Features for VILLA D'THERESA

Information last checked on Jan 26, 2018

Price: $364,634 Status: For Sale MLS/Source ID: 43139
3 Bedrooms 1,615 sqft Condominium
3.5 Bathrooms
Built in 2006

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Property Price History  | US$ 12,195 - 3.24%

Mortgage Information

Price $364,634 $1,289/month
Down Payment$72,927 (20%)
Loan Amount*$321,972
Loan Type30 Year Fixed 3.37%
* Property Taxes (7.5%) $27,348 + Mortgage Amount (80%) $291,707 + Mortgage Stamp Duty (1.5% of Mortgage) $2,917

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