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US $ 1,451,220
For Sale

Spotts / Prospect, Grand Cayman

House 2,983 sqft
4 Bedrooms 2.5 Bathrooms 10 months on easyCayman

Situated within the peaceful gated community of Grand Harbor, this remarkable property is a model of sustainable design. At 11ft above sea level, this house is built to withstand category 5 hurricanes and is energy self-sufficient through its use of solar energy storage and Geo-thermal air conditioning. A must see for the environmentally conscious buyer that wants to live Off the Grid Motivated Vendor

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Information last checked on Nov 03, 2018

Price: $1,451,220 Status: For Sale MLS/Source ID: 46981
4 Bedrooms 2,983 sqft House
2.5 Bathrooms
Built in 2009

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Property Price History  | US$ 134,146 - 8.46%

Mortgage Information

Price $1,451,220 $5,129/month
Down Payment$290,244 (20%)
Loan Amount*$1,287,232
Loan Type30 Year Fixed 3.37%
* Property Taxes (7.5%) $108,842 + Mortgage Amount (80%) $1,160,976 + Mortgage Stamp Duty (1.5% of Mortgage) $17,415

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